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Julep Hooray for May! Mystery box

UPDATE: see my unboxing post HERE.

I got an email from Julep today for yet ANOTHER mystery box. And I got another one. *sigh* It’s like an addiction for me I suppose. I live for the anticipation of discovering what’s in my mystery box.

This month’s box is called Hooray for May! 


Do ya’ll think it will be a bright green and a bright yellow?

Again, the cost is $24.99, and again Julep promises $70-$200 worth of goodies, but this time they are also including a bonus nail color in a cute giftable bag. Or in my case, a bag for ME. (I like little bags)


The email also describes “2 New Brights” that each box will include at least 1 of, to help us transition from spring to summer, as if I had any trouble transitioning to summer. Seriously though, I’d love a bright coral shade! But I have a feeling it will be a green and a yellow shade. I am only guessing this due to the color of the description box Julep is showing for this box. It’s green and yellow and it said that the box contained a hint. LOL so that’s my guess. A yellow and a green. I do love brights though.

Anyone else getting a mystery box this go round?

Update: Some ladies have already received their box and the new colors are called Charlie and Korin. Charlie is a neon yellow and Korin is a neon green. Hmmmmm I was right!! As I’m sure many of you were. Also most of the boxes appear to be mostly nail polish. The “big daddy” box is version 7, but still appears to be mostly nail polish. I got Version 2 and am very happy! A detailed post on my box will be posted soon.


Low quality iphone pic, but I really wanted to show the colors! I got Charlie, Sharon, Avery, Vanessa, Alice, and Grace. NO DUPES!! Yahoo!

Here is a swatch of Charlie, the neon Yellow.


Thank you Betty’s Beauty Bombs for this swatch. Click pic to visit her blog.


FINALLY! This is Julep Korin, the neon green. This swatch was posted by a Julep Maven on Julep’s facebook page.

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2 Responses to Julep Hooray for May! Mystery box

  1. Chancy May 13, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    Just received my mystery box. It contained six polishes: Dakota, Annette, Jackie, Amelia,Chelsea, and Korin (the new neon green. It’s Kermit the Frog green, lol).

    • Fawn May 24, 2013 at 10:55 am #

      I got the same box! I was happy to get Korin instead of Charlie since I love green polish and Kermit!! And I can’t wait to try Chelsea! :D

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