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Colors by Llarowe: The Bald and the Beautiful {Childhood Cancer Awareness Month}

After the recent passing of 13 year old youtube guru Talia Joy Castellano, Llarowe created a nail polish duo in memory of this special girl with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you didn’t know, St. Jude is the forerunner in children’s cancer research and other catastrophic diseases. The care children receive there is second to none.


How do I know? I worked there for 4 years, mixing chemotherapy and other sterile IV products.


All those yellow bags have chemo orders for children. We had a TON that night and I was proud of getting done.


I thank God just about every day for giving me the short time I had with St. Jude, those 4 years have equaled a lifetime of gratitude for what I have. But it’s not all sad, nope, not at all. Quite the opposite in fact. The walls are adorned with bright and colorful art. The halls are lined with art work from the children themselves. Kids skip down the hallways or get pushed in red wagons. Always smiling.


Families do not pay a penny for the treatment their precious children receive. Anything not covered by insurance is covered through donations. But St. Jude doesn’t just pay for medical treatment. Most of the public doesn’t realize that families are given funds to live off of as well. They are given a place to stay depending on how long their treatment will be. They are given money for food and entertainment. It’s truly amazing. I could really go on and on. I just want everyone to be aware that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I will be doing Gold Mani’s every Saturday in September. Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer awareness. I would love if you’d participate with me. If you participate, send me your photos and I will showcase them in a future blog post.


Now on to The Bald and the Beautiful!!





When I saw these colors, I knew that I wanted them. They are gorgeous! The fact that the proceeds went to St. Jude made this one of the most satisfying nail polish purchases I’ve ever made.



The first color is a gorgeous royal blue purple duochrome with microglitter. It is STUNNING!








This a gorgeous raspberry jelly with raspberry glitter and scattered holo glitter. It’s AMAZING!





If you decide to participate and do a gold mani for Childhood cancer awareness month, please put your pics on instagram or facebook with #GoldManisinSeptember  so I can find them!! Please share this on your facebook walls, twitter, instagram and your blogs! I’m not very well known so I really need help to spread the word. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart.

Also visit Llarowe on Facebook and check out some of the awesome Colors by Llarowe that are available on the Llarowe website. There is some real talent and passion involved in making this gorgeous nail polish. The whole Colors by Llarowe line is stunning.

Again thanks for reading this and please spread the word about #GoldManisinSeptember for Childhood Cancer Awareness!!!


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